ari (acertainflower) wrote in africanviolets,

crown bunching

Hi, new here! Still learning how to take care of these plants.

The first plant I got was in April/May, and it flowered for about two months. These days it looks like this, reaching up:

With the center all tight and bunching, and not much new growth in the last month:

I know it could be a number of things...from needing more fertilizer (I haven't been fertilizing it), to too much/little sunlight; to needing re-potting. The leaves aren't yellowing, and don't appear burnt, just tight at the center, and I don't think it has mites. I filter out the light with the blinds, and this is the only window I have to use, which faces south-east; there is a lot of light all morning (perhaps too much?).

I did buy an African violet mix (miracle grow, w/adjusted pH), which I plan on mixing with perlite to lighten it up, before re-potting. (I read 50% perlite or vermiculite can be good for them) This will fertilize it for awhile too.

Any other tips from fellow enthusiasts?

One more new violet:

UPDATE: Just re-potted the first plant. Looks like the soil was far too heavy. No perlite/vermiculite, just peat moss and plain soil. Will update if it recovers! The second plant's soil looks very well aerated.
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