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2009 NYSAVS Convention/Show THIS WEEKEND in Albany, NY

New York State African Violet Society is having their annual convention/show THIS WEEKEND (Oct. 22nd-24th) at the Clarion Hotel in Albany!!

I think we have a few people who post on here that are in the upstate NY area... Would be awesome to meet up there!

My boyfriend and I will be set up and doing the show photography. We're easy to spot (I'm young, fat, have long blond hair, and my boyfriend is way older than me.)

So PLEASE come say hi if you're there! I LOVE meeting African violet friends from online :-)

For more info, here's the NYSAVS website: www.nysavs.org
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new to this community

I've just recently bloomed ( no pun intended) my obsession with african violets, i dont know what it is, but there is definitely something about them, that is ADDICTING!  Anyway, I have over 20 as of now, and growing, but I live in a townhome and they dont get enough light. My boyfriend recently brought home 5 24" florescent bulb fixtures and so i went out and bought florescent bulbs. I heard that plants will grow off regular florescent bulbs, but i got a plant/aquarium bulb 20 watt, and a natural sunshine bulb 20 watt.

But I want to know what works for everyone else. I'm such a virgin when it comes to artificial light. Oh biggest question. How far away do the lights need to be from the plants?

Your expertise is much appreciated!
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crown bunching

Hi, new here! Still learning how to take care of these plants.

The first plant I got was in April/May, and it flowered for about two months. These days it looks like this, reaching up:

With the center all tight and bunching, and not much new growth in the last month:

I know it could be a number of things...from needing more fertilizer (I haven't been fertilizing it), to too much/little sunlight; to needing re-potting. The leaves aren't yellowing, and don't appear burnt, just tight at the center, and I don't think it has mites. I filter out the light with the blinds, and this is the only window I have to use, which faces south-east; there is a lot of light all morning (perhaps too much?).

I did buy an African violet mix (miracle grow, w/adjusted pH), which I plan on mixing with perlite to lighten it up, before re-potting. (I read 50% perlite or vermiculite can be good for them) This will fertilize it for awhile too.

Any other tips from fellow enthusiasts?

One more new violet: hereCollapse )

UPDATE: Just re-potted the first plant. Looks like the soil was far too heavy. No perlite/vermiculite, just peat moss and plain soil. Will update if it recovers! The second plant's soil looks very well aerated.