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Some flowers to brighten your day!

Not the best group of pictures, but I thought I would capture what's going on with my African violets lately. Of the 18 plants on the top shelf, all but 5 are blooming right now!

Tray 1: Saintpaulia 'Jake,' 'Rainbow's Quiet Riot,' 'Blue Fiesta,' 'Jean Pierre Croteau'

Tray 2: Saintpaulia 'Ode to Beauty' (not flowering), 'Ma's Lily Pad,' 'Ma's Easter Parade,' 'Ma's Winter Moon,' 'Playful Spectrum'

Tray 3: Saintpaulia 'Cherries N' Cream,' 'Blue Dragon,' 'Rainbow's Quiet Riot (sport),' 'Stargate,' 'Double Lavender'

Tray 4: Saintpaulia 'Double Lavender' (x4, none flowering, not shown)

Tray 1: 'Jake' (back, magenta); 'Blue Fiesta' (back, bluish with white edge); 'Rainbow's Quiet Riot' (front left, purple with white splotches); 'Jean Pierre Croteau' (front right, purple with pink splotches); 'Ma's Lily Pad' (white with greenish edge).

'Ma's Lily Pad' again, 'Ode to Beauty' (back, not flowering); 'Ma's Easter Parade' (front, pink with white edge); 'Ma's Winter Moon' (back, purple with white); 'Playful Spectrum' (front right, pink, white and purple splashes).

'Cherries N'Cream' (back, red with white edge); 'Blue Dragon' (front, bluish with raspberry edge), 'Rainbow's Quiet Riot (sport)' (back, purple with the occasional white splotch); 'Stargate' (front, purplish pink with pink spots); 'Double Lavender' (back, apple green leaves and double lavender flowers).

And now for some close-ups:

'Blue Fiesta.' When blooms are about to open, they make these beautiful little lavender sized pearls that have a nice lacy white edging.

'Stargate.' I like how this flower's petals have movement. It's like you can see it twinkling at you.

'Playful Spectrum.' I am a sucker for flowers with a million colors on them. This one, with its lavender-gray foliage, is striking to behold in bloom.

'Bud's Cassie Sport.' Not in the original 18 I posted, but there is something about this gorgeous plant that is so irresistable. It's a 'Bud's Cassie' but did not inherit the pink freckles its parent has. I think it's still beautiful, and very very striking to photograph for some reason.

'Blue Dragon.' This plant has amazingly thick, hairy leaves and beautiful bluish flowers that are edged in a raspberry-purple color.

'Jean Pierre Croteau,' or, as he is affectionately known, 'Jimmy P Crouton.' Amazingly striking flowers. The picture doesn't even do it justice.

'Cherries N'Cream.' I couldn't get the camera to cooperate with me on the true color of this flower, which is closer to a scarlet or blood-red with a bright white edge. The effect is spectacular in person.
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