m3rma1d (m3rma1d) wrote in africanviolets,

Would it be rude to invite people....?

I'm wondering if it's ok to post a link to a (non-LJ) African Violet forum here.

If it's ok, I'll post it

I'm very proud of this forum in particular, because it's not only a wonderful group of people, with great sections for posting questions, advice/tips, PICTRURES, experiences with vendors (good AND bad!) and off-topic area, as well as a chat room (we meet every night Sun-Thurs for chats at 9pm Eastern time)... but I also work "behind the scenes" on it as far as the tech stuff goes. ;-)


If/when you sign up, PLEASE post a comment here (or email me) to tell me what username you sign up with--we have had some trouble lately battling spammers, so we don't wanna accidentally delete you in the validating proccess! Also, letting me know your username will ensure quicker approval of yer membership--usually within just a few hours, or a day at the most. (Also, you will be able to lurk & read while still waiting for validation, then you can post once approved. :-))
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