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New A/V pr0n, as promised ;-)

While at the show yesterday, we met Nancy Hayes (I found out afterward that she's like, "a big deal" in the African Violet world!)

Apparently she heard a rumor I love minis, and she presented me this beautiful little pink miniature noID.
I almost cried--it was just so sweet and kind of her:

Also, I bought 7 new lovelies from Violet Barn, 5 of which were blooming and pic-worthy.

Rob's Boondoggle:

Rob's Boondoggle (7880) 6/2/1993 (R. Robinson) Semidouble dark red sticktite star/wide white ruffled edge. Dark black-green, wavy, serrated/red back. Semiminiature.

Rob's Cherry Soda:

Rob's Cherry Soda (8055) 3/5/1994 (R. Robinson) Semidouble light rose-pink sticktite pansy/dark rose-red fantasy. Crown variegated dark green, yellow and beige, plain. Miniature.

Rob's Cloudy Skies:

Rob's Cloudy Skies (8171) 6/5/1995 (R. Robinson) Double white and blue sticktite star. Medium green, pointed. Miniature.

Rob's Loose Noodle:

Rob's Loose Noodle (9038) 5/31/2001 (R. Robinson) Double white star/blue edge. Medium green, pointed. Miniature.

Teeny Bopper:

Teeny Bopper (5017) 8/27/1982 (L. Lyon) Single purple. Pointed, tiny. Miniature trailer.
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